Developed an interest in music and technique since the age of eleven. While building his personal stereo racks out of old and defective equipment, he listened and recorded music of all styles.

First contact with house music in general was made at home parties among friends. It didn’t take a long time to find out that there was more and better music available on vinyl.

Turntables, mixers and records were bought and mixes were played and recorded since then.

Visiting clubs and parties in Belgium and The Netherlands he joined 'Instant Karma' (1999) which organised party's in Funki Bizniz - Eindhoven. With guest dj's like Smos & Baby Bee, Sven Van Hees, Trish and Remy, Rho, Michel de Hey as local visiting dj's. A remarkable experience was new years-eve 2000. with a set from 9 till 12 in the morning.

Back in Antwerp he took a notice on the Tour d' Anvers. A series of parties throughout Antwerp and The Red & Blu (Fill Collins club). And from time to time the Bar Room in Antwerp.

Since the start of Foolhouse he was able to play some sets in Leuven, also for other organisations like Touché, Home & Shakin' Grounds. The 4th Oktober 2002 he shared the decks with Jerome Pacman at the Silo in Leuven.

His style can be described as groovy, moving deep house building up to some tech-house. But his home/studio- style is more easy listening and downtempo ...

Concerning to Foolhouse there are more opportunities to come.

So keep checking.

Tim Sallé

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