FoolHouse partners & sponsors

Because of the Success of the concept, we’re planning to do more and even better parties.

That’s why we’re looking for some partners to join. If you’re looking to sponsor and you would like to see your logo/info on this page, don’t hesitate to contact us and we send you a full sponsor fil

On a Foolsearch…
Loving mankind, FoolHouse is open for believers to join the team.
We are always looking for female dj’s, decorators, Fools with Good Ideas,…
You know what to do…

About FoolHouse
A few years ago, some friends were disappointed in what was going on in the current nightlife. Convinced to do better and different, they decided to put their heads together,…..‘foolhouse’ was born. It took only 4 motivated dj’s and a loyal team of believers with experience in the skill of organizing party’s.

While others were bringing always the same party’s with the same dj’s and music, foolhouse made a commitment to itself. To CHANGE this.

The aim of foolhouse is to organize qualitative, cosy parties in different locations with High Quality Deep-House music. FoolHouse wants to bring back the element ‘FUN’ in partying. Our speciality is providing a rather ‘eccentric’, original line-up, bursting of male and female known or still unknown talent.

Those who joined our soirées were nicely surprised by the quality displayed by the male and female dj’s that featured our parties.

Following the huge success of this concept we feel confident to say to you all: Watch us and be prepared, ‘cause it’s only going to get BETTER !!!

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