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Resident deejays
Tim Sallé (tim.salle@pandora.be) Tim Sallé

Svenko Svenko

Félix (felix.daneels@skynet.be) Félix


Yannick Lepère (ylepere@vt4.net) Yannick Lepère ( webmaster: website & banners )

Joffrey Vaassen (Joffreyv@yahoo.com) Joffrey Vaassen ( video-application, hopefully soon on the website )

Iris Gysels (IGYSELS@vdab.be ) Iris Gysels ( the best bargirl and much more... )

Also a big thx to the ‘the ladies’ ( they know who we mean ), Leslie Maes, the people from Touché and stijn Dewael for helping us from time to time, and all the others we forgot…


We’re always looking for talent, sponsors, decorators, Fools with good Ideas,….So if you have questions, don't hesitate and mail us !!!

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